Monday, September 24, 2007

September TNT Round 3

Schulz - Silva 1-0

These guys maneouvred for 29 moves before any pawns or pieces came off !
This must be close to some sort of local record. And the first capture was piece sacrifice.

After 30. e6

Silva played 30...Bxe6

Silva eventually got back in the game, only to later blunder a mate in one.

Oberton -Kaptsan

Aron rolled out the Becker defense to the King's Gambit and provided young Daniel with a free lesson.

Liu - Khedkar

Liu had a large positional advantage, missed a killer blow (32. Rf8+ , followed by e5, let Jay back in the game, who then didn't find the most accurate defence, although it was difficult in any case.

Huynh - Tang DRAW

Lipic - Kwiatek 0-1

This game featured a rare From's Gambit in response to Stephen's Bird's Opening.
Lots of tactics, but the turning point appears to be 18. Bxb7+ which was unnecessary.

Reimer - Einarsson 0-1

The game score is readable up to move 21, and White has a slight advantage. If either player can supply the missing moves, it would be appreciated.

Gibson - Trueman 1-0

Trueman missed some chances for attack on the Queenside, Fred then found a simple, but effective move in the position below.

27. Qf6+

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