Sunday, May 18, 2008

Canadian Chess Challenge 2008 - National Final - Edmonton, Alberta

Manitoba finished 5th place behind perennial powerhouses ON, QU, BC, AB.
Just 3 points behind AB, but a whopping 19.5 points ahead of 6th place NS.

Manitoba had 4 individual medal winners:

Grade 3 - Silver Dezheng Kong 8-1
Grade 5 - Bronze (was in playoff for second) Michaeal Pang 7.5-1.5
Grade 11 - Bronze Weixi Liu 7-2
Grade 12 - Silver Trevor Vincent 8-1

Congratulations to all the team members !

Details at National Chess Challenge


Anonymous said...

Surprised by the result against BC. Should have been a lot closer, I guess that BC does not use scholastic ratings too much as they are a lot stronger than their ratings.

Chess Manitoba said...

I would suggest that for players that are active in CFC tournaments, the CMA ratings don't mean much.

Anonymous said...

Grade 3 results for the 7th round just came in and it looks like BC will take first and we take second. Still a good result for Dezhong.

Chess Manitoba said...

Weixi, Trevor and Michael are also in contention for medals

Nigel Hanrahan said...

There is a story on Susan Polgar's blog about the (only) player that Dezheng lost to.

Chess Manitoba said...

Thanks Nigel,
I have removed the link you provided and provide this link to the original

Susan has a terrible practice of copying from other blogs and pasting the entire text and pictures into her blog.

A simple reference and link is the accepted practice.

Chess Manitoba said...
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Chess Manitoba said...