Friday, May 9, 2008

May TNT Round 1

Silva - Lipnowski 0-1
A very rare appearance of the Clarendon Court ! Black's bishops prove to be too much.

Babb - Wierda 1-0
Black is standing very well until he misses that White's queen is covered by the knight on f4 when he plays 24...Nfd5 ??

Arie Wasserman Nikouline 0-1
White grabs a tainted pawn with 21.Nxe5 and loses a piece.

Mundwiler-Leor Wasserman 1-0
White's handling of the English is very unusual, but it looks like he was waiting for his young opponent to make a mistake. By move 20, the mistakes have been made, but Leor puts up credible resistance until the end.

Bince - Letain 1-0
11...Na5 was not achieving anything much, and after 12...c6 the horse was put to sleep.

Gibson - Kernetsky 0-1
White's speculative pawn sacrifice 12. f5 does not work out well.

Khedkar - Gibbons 1-0
Black resigned only a pawn down.

Kuropatwa - Rutter 0-1
White lost his c pawn to a small tactic and never quite recovered.

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