Monday, May 26, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - May 24, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Winnipeg Free Press Puzzle - May 24, 2008

Funk - White to mate in 2

The Black king is currently stalemated.

1.Rxd2 intending to mate on f4 is thwarted by 1...Rxg3.

However, the square d5 appears to beyond the reach of the Black pieces, so 1. Nc6 also threatening Nxe7 check looks hopeful. Except I can't deliver mate with 2. Qd5 because f6 is open.

Some kind of deflection/pin is required.
1. Ne3
1...Bxe3 2. Rd5 mate
1...Nxe3 2. f4 mate
1...Rc4 2.Nxc4 mate

By the way, Cecil has recently published a book, "Behind the Headlines: A History of Investigative Journalism in Canada".

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