Saturday, May 10, 2008

Was Pillsbury here in 1900 ?

The Winnipeg Free Press indicates that biographies of many Manitobans have been made available online thanks to a joint initiative of the University of Manitoba Press and the Manitoba Historical Society.

I did a search on "Chess" and found this entry for John Walter Harris

1900 -In the entry for February 5 we read: "Go at night to see Pillsbury play chess and checkers. Wonderful exhibition," and on the 7th: "Saw Pillsbury play 10 games of chess and 4 of checkers last night blindfolded."

I checked the recent article on Magnus Smith and Pillsbury was apparently here in both 1899 and 1890.


Corrie said...

I think it would come as a surprise
to many people the number of great chess players that have visited our city.
You never know who might crawl out of the woodwork next!
best regards
Corrie Van Dyke

Chess Manitoba said...

Hey Hey ! Corrie !

Good to hear from you !