Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March TNT Round 2

[After I posted my notes below Nigel Hanrahan indicated (in the comments)that
several games were marred by time trouble]

Lipnowski - Kernetsky 1-0
I don't know why Black opened White's f-file with 17...Bxg5
White neglected his queenside; I don't know who stands better after 37...Nxb2
White sacrifices a piece and decides to try to run a passed h pawn in
for a touchdown, but the computer thinks Black is winning easily.

The natural 40...Nc4 would have been an interesting move,
with White having to make some difficult decisions.

The ending blunder 49...Ng6 is a shame, as after
49...Qxf4 50. Bxf4 Ng6 Black may still be able to hold.

Mundwiler - Rutter 1-0
Blair throws caution to the wind with 10...g5, and White,
without having to do anything special, annihilates him.

Oberton - Kong 0-1
Very nice game by young Kong.
White could have opted for the stock knight "sacrifice" for 3 pawns with 13. Ncxb5,
but what he played keeps a tiny plus.

White appears to gets in trouble on the queenside and ends up with isolated doubled b pawns.
Shredder suggests Bd7 on move 34 and for several moves after,
hitting the weak e6 pawn. Eventually Daniel plays Bd7 and wins the pawn.
But given the chance to undouble his b pawns with 40. bxc4, White chooses 40. Bxc4

Black meanwhile gets connected passed d and e pawns, that prove decisive.

Silva - Liu DRAW
Black had an extra pawn in the ending, but decided it was too difficult to convert to the full point.

Wiebe - Proulx 1-0
White's pieces were all tangled up, but then Black started exchanging them, giving White room to breathe. Not sure what happened at the end of the game score, The position is roughly equal.

Leor Wasserman - Lauritson 0-1

These two continued the theoretical battle in this variation started in the February TNT Round 2.
Leor varies first with 8. f4.
Alas, the same theme of a weak b2 square repeated. But Shredder (I think a player could find this based on the logic below) finds an interesting resource for White.

After 13...Bxa3

White has 14. Be3 which hits the queen, but more importantly allows White to castle, after which Black is in danger of being embarassed. If Black responds 14...Qb4+ . White plays 15. c3 and everything is hanging ! (Notice the b1 square is now covered by the bishop !) And Nd6+ is playable some lines as a zwichenzug !
14... c5 15. Nd6+ and Nc4.
Best apparently is 14...Qb8 15. 0-0 and now the almost forced 15...Ra2 16. Qd1 Rxa1 17. Qxa1 Bb4 18. Rb1 And White is still alive and doing ok despite being 2 pawns down temporarily

Evans - Khedkar 0-1
I am no expert in the 6. a4 line against the Najdorf, but I don't think castling long is advised for White in that line. Jay demonstrates some of the pitfalls. However, Black's unnecessary rook sacrifice on c2 gives White the edge with proper defence. 29. Rd3 leaves Black to demonstrate that he didn't get carried away.

Trueman - Rumpel 0-1

Jim Green - Letain 1-0
White plays an interesting exchange sacrifice and Black does the same to bail himself out of trouble. But moving his center pawns which were shutting out the White bishop proved to be fatal.

Mark Klusa - Campbell 1-0
A novelty on move 2 ! I have never seen this before ...1. e4 c5 2. Bb5?!
Gary sacrificied a rook for a mating attack , but there was no mate.

Lorne Gibbons - Arie Wasserman 0-1
Goodman - Lawrence Klusa 1-0
Black was doing ok until he blundered a rook at move 35. If someone throws
you a gift pawn, you have to check to see why.


Nigel Hanrahan said...

A number of the players faced time trouble. Proulx flagged against Wiebe, Liu took the draw against Silva although he was up a pawn in an endgame, Oberton had much less time than Kong in the endgame, and Lipnowski had a substantial edge in time. In my opinion, time was a factor in all of these games.

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