Sunday, March 23, 2008

March TNT Round 3

Kong- Lipnowski 0-1
Black gets the two bishops and gives White an isolated d-pawn.
White could have liquidated his weak d pawn by tactical means by 27.d5 !
Doesn't 30. Nc5 (Bb6) trade pawns with at least equality for White ?
Black's aggressive king moves win the isolated pawn and the game.

Schulz -Mundwiler DRAW
A doubled-edged Benoni resulted in some fighting chess.
29. Qf1 (inspired by the Saturday puzzle move) looks like it would win back the sacrificed pawn, but White plays something else.
White must be winning after 36. Rxf5.
46. b7 may have been the last chance for an easy win; it gets murky after the game's 46.Rxg6+, and I suspect mutual time-trouble.

Liu - Lauritson 0-1
Can White really castle queenside and live ? Somehow, a lot of pieces get exchanged and White can breathe for a few moves. But after 30. f5, Black calculates a winning a king and pawn endgame and exchanges the remaining pieces to win.

Khedkar - Weibe 1-0
Defending a King's Gambit, Black played 18...Qd7, missing the nice shot to follow:

19. Nxg7! <----roll over this area to see move.

Silva - Oberton 1-0
22...c5 locking the centre, gives White the green light to blow open the kingside.

Kernetsky-Rumpel DRAW
The players swapped most of their pieces by move 24 and agreed to a draw.

Rutter- Arie Wasserman 1-0
6...Be6 loses a piece to a classic theme.

Proulx - Goodman 0-1
White refused to move his queen off the f-file and the pin, and paid for it.

Li - Evans 1-0
30...f5 appears to drop the e pawn, but White doesn't take it (perhaps there is a notation error somewhere) 40. ...Re3 would have been very strong and probably wins easily. Black rejects the draw by perpetual on move 43, and loses soon after.

Campbell - Lawrence Klusa 1-0
Every player at some time or another has made the same error as Black in this game at move 10.

Letain - Trueman 1-0
11..Qb6 gives White a target with tempo, he shortly wins a critical pawn and converts to a win.

Lorne Gibbons - Leor Wasserman 0-1
Somehow White survives his early problems and even achieves an advantage until he plays the bizarre 39. Kh4 and soon loses.

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