Saturday, March 29, 2008

March TNT Round 4

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Lipnowski - Mundwiler 0-1
Sam did not react well to Les' surprise use of Bird defence to the Ruy Lopez. 11. h4 must be too commital. 13...Bxg3 ! blows the position open and Black obtained a winning material superiority.

Lauritson - Khedkar DRAW
A solid Cambridge Springs Variation resulted in an uneventful draw.

Rutter - Silva 1-0
The weak dark squares around Black's king led to doom.

Goodman - Schulz 0-1
It appears that White resigned before waiting for 25...Ne2+

Xue - Kong 0-1
In an equal position, White played the interesting, but faulty 23. Ng6

Rumpel - Liu 0-1
12. g4 in front of the castled king is suspect. Eventually White's weak e and f pawns contributed to his loss.

Kernetsky - Aaron Green DRAW
Aaron get another draw witha higher rated opponent.

Wiebe-Mark Klusa 1-0

Leor Wasserman - Jim Green DRAW
Black is a good pawn up and could have pressed for the win, but I suspect he was short of time.

Letain - Campbell 0-1
White missed tactics involving the g4 square.

Evans - Trueman 0-1
I am at loss for words. Rip-snorting chess !

Lawrence Kusla-Lorne Gibbons 1-0
Balck got his pieces tangled up on the queenside and soon loses a piece.

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