Sunday, March 9, 2008

March TNT Round 1

March TNT Round 1

Rumpel - Lipnowski 0-1
White had a good position and even wins a pawn on move 27, and another next move. But he returns the favour and more by allowing the fatal opening of the d file with 29.d5 when instead 29. Rxc8 gives White a big plus.

Schulz - Jim Green 1-0
Waldemar outplays Jim from an equal, material reduced position initiating a minority attack of sorts. Jim loses a pawn to simple tactic, and loses a second pawn in the Rook ending to end it.

Campbell- Mundwiler 0-1
14. g4 is suspect. 21.Qf2 is an attempt to relieve the pressure but unfortunately a pin on the f-file will soon be revealed.

Lauritson - Aaron Green DRAW
20. Bb6 seems to give White only two results to play for. The computer gives Black roughly a three point advantage, but that looks a bit generous. I don't understand why Black delayed in capturing the pawn on e6, but it didn't appear to matter. Black established an impenetrable fortress and could have perhaps tried for win, but he liquidated further to an ending that he assessed White could not win. Before 52...Nxb3, Shredder gives Black a 5 point advantage ! But what is the winning plan for Black ? I may come back to this game. In the meantime readers, any ideas ?

Arie Wasserman - Oberton 0-1
there is an apparent error in the score move 22.Qg4 (likely Qg3).
White should perhaps castle long on moves 11,13, or 15. White is fine until 17.Kd2 results in the loss of pawns; 17. Rb1 is ok. Even Black missed a tactic---19...Qxc1+

Liu-Goodman 1-0
Black blew open his own castled kingside and couldn't survive the pins.

Trueman - Kernetsky 0-1
White faltered around move 30 when he couldn't coordinate his pieces and and fell to a pin on the d3 pawn.

Khedkar - Leor Wasserman DRAW
I think Jay would have preferred to preserve his rook on move 22 instead of playing 22.Nd5.
After 20. Rd4 almost all of young Leor's moves were forced, although good enough for a 2 rooks vs. queen draw.

Letain - Rutter 0-1
I said I wouldn't comment on the openings, but in the interest of instruction I will make some comments. 9. Bxf6 gives a slight advantage to Black after only 9 moves.. The pin is annoying to Black, and White should at least wait until Black plays the weakening h6 before exchanging, if at all.
13. Nc7 should fail immediately to 13...Qf4+, but Black played Rad8, which allows White back in the game somewhat with 14. Nxd5 (but was not played), and Black saw Qf4+ on the next move

Kong - Mark Klusa 1-0
Black had a roughly equal game until he blundered his f pawn on move 21. (note White's previous move 26.was probably Qc4 and not Qc2).

Lawrence Klusa - Silva 0-1
17. c5 would have saved the loss of the d-pawn.

Proulx - Gibbons 1-0
White did not play 16. Bxd6 winning a pawn. I guess he was setting up to play b4 and win the knight on a5. But given the chance next move, White doesn't play it. Perhaps the gamescore is incorrect.


Nigel Hanrahan said...

Regarding Lauritson-Aaron Green ... I think 58 ... b3! is just winning for Green, who played 58 ... Bc7 instead and agreed to a draw shortly after that. (typo correction: the game should be listed as ending in a draw)

Chess Manitoba said...

Yes, of course. I assumed the players were in time trouble sometime after 52...Nxb3.