Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - March 28, 2009

from the Winnipeg Free Press - March 28, 2009
White to mate in 2 (Meredith)

The king has very few moves as is, so this should be easy.
Let's try 1.Bc5+
1...Nxc5 is one of two moves
2.Qh8+ is mate
but 1...Ke5 and I can't mate in one.

Black is in zugszwang, so we need to just make a clever waiting move. The knight at a1 can't move because Nc2 is mate. The knight at d3 can't move any place because of Qh8 mate or Bc5 mate. The pawns can't move.
White's bishop is needed on the b8-h2 diagonal to keep on eye on e5, so let's try
1. Bc7 - that works except for 1...Nxb4 and Black king has c5 available.

Well, I knew that the Q had to stay on the h file in order to deliver mate on h8, but I gave up before considering 1. Qh5!! - missing that after 1...Kxe3 2. Bc5# is possible due to the new pin.
Very nice !

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