Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February TNT Round 3

Khedkar - Mundwiler DRAW
King's Gambit - 10. Bxf4 is not in my database. I normally don't comment on the openings, but
I am curious. The silicon beasts say 10...f6 gives Black an advantage, as several White pieces are in danger of hanging. 11. Qh5 is suggested, but it appears that Black is winning a piece for some pawns and a small initiative. Instead the players swapped off everything but the rooks and called it a draw.

Oberton - Leo Wasserman 1-0
Black plays 17...Rc8 missing White's little tactic.

Kernetsky - Arie Wasserman 1-0
Too many queen moves end in a self-pin.

Swift - Lauritson 1-0
Black is never in trouble until his flag falls in a totally won position.

Rutter - Ott 1-0
The game is quite even throughout until Black loses a piece at move 43. Note that White could have grabbed a pawn with Bxa5 on the 13th or 14th move.

Campbell - Wiebe 0-1
Black crashes through on the kingside.

Czarny-Letain 0-1
Black's knights wreak havoc.

Magnusson - Atem 1-0
White could have pocketed a piece early with 6. Bxg8 Rxg8 7. Qd5
But when I get to move 16 I am wondering if the knight is on a5 as 16. Bxa5 wins a piece for free.

Menard-Lipic 0-1
White is doing fine until he blunders his critical d pawn with 13. c4

Trinidad - Evans 0-1
White plays e5 prematurely, loses a pawn, and falls victim to a mating attack.

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