Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 2009 TNT Round 1

Arie Wasserman-Boron 0-1
White should keep the rooks on - Black will have to work hard to win.

Mundwiler-Goodman 1-0
Black is doing alright in a very unclear position until he misses 29...Kb7

Campbell- Khedkar 0-1
15...Ne6 is apparently new. White should continue his plan with 16. b5.
Black plays a nice combination starting with 25...R2xd5 and it is all over.

Kernetsky-de Groot 1-0
In a seemingly innocent position, Black is suddenly mated after 21...dxe4

Wood -Wiebe 0-1
Scoresheet is missing 3 moves - the result is in doubt after 34 moves.

Lauritson - Milord 1-0
Black does not play 16...g6, which would have prevented White's mating attack.

Trinidad-Rutter 0-1
White puts himself in defensive mode for the rest of the game with 18.fxe4

Atem- Evans 1-0
Black misses the small tactic 17.Bxe6 and his game collapses.

Trueman- Aaron Green 0-1
White owns this game throughout until his flag falls.

Greenberg -Leor Wasserman 1-0
Greenberg plays a speculative piece sacrifice 14. Nb5 and it works beautifully - but it shouldn't.
14...axb5 15.Nxb5 Qa5 and Black is fine.

Ott-Wierda 0-1
25...f5 may have won material as Bg5 is threatened.
Later - White to move and win..
29. Bxf5 !
29...gxf5 30. Qe6 and it's over. But alas, it was not played.
Later, after Black has survived the worst of it, a roughly equal ending results, with Black winning in what I suspect was a time scramble.

Swift-Magnusson 0-1
Somehow Black won this. The game score after move 25 has White with a large advantage.

Menard, T.-Lipic, S., 0-1
Look at the position after Black's 11th. 14 of the 16 squares from f3 to c6 are occupied !
By move 18, only 6 of those squares are occupied as White blunders.

Gibbons-Strehlow draw
White won a piece, but could not convert to a win.

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Unknown said...

When you get a chance, I would really love to hear your input on my game against Jim in round 3. Particularly if instead of g5?! I were to play Rf2 -> Rg1 -> g5