Sunday, March 1, 2009

February TNT Round 2

Khedkar - Kernetsky DRAW
Black equalized early.

Ari Wasserman - Oberton - DRAW
The position got locked up, and White drew with his higher rated opponent.

Mundwiler-Czarny 1-0
26...Nh3+ would have forced off White's valuable white-squared bishop.
But Black stays in the game, although it is still difficult, until the sequence starting with 33...Qxd4 dropping the b7 pawn.

Lauritson-Ott 1-0
7...h6 is the commonest move at that turn, and this game illustrates why.

Leor Wasserman - Atem 1-0
How does Black not play 24...Qf3 or 29...Bxf3, both winning easily ?

Letain - Rutter DRAW
18. Bxh7+ first nets apawn over the game line. Sacrificing the cleric with 21. Bxg7 is unneccessary, but interesting- White has a tremendous initiative. 29...Bg3 is a mistake that drops that piece. I can only guess that White was in severe time trouble in the final position.

Wiebe - Trinidad 1-0
13. cxb3 is a novelty; opening the c file doesn't look correct. White cracks open the h file and it's all over.

Evans - Campbell 0-1
White could have planted his knight on c5 (via Nb3) around move 29-30 and I think Black would be suffering for a long time. Black suffered anyway, but White flagged in a totally won position.

Lipic - Magnusson 0-1
White is winning for a long time; the game score indicates 41. Kh4 ?? was played instead of 41. Qc5+ which would force resignation.

Swift - Menard 1-0
Black falls victim to an early pin.

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Unknown said...

My game would be a great lesson of remaining focused.

I became fixated on the mating possibilities over on D. Wiebe's board and was just pushing pieces waiting for Saul to resign. Apparently not how to win a chess game.