Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February TNT Round 4

Kernetsky - Oberton 0-1
Black still has some work to do if White plays 40.Qxh6+

Mundwiler - Swift 1-0
Teacher and student battle. Teacher wins exchange (23...Ne7 was required) and the rest is easy.

Magnusson - Khedkar 0-1
An interesting game. 16. Kd2 keeps a slight edge for White.
The engines do not like 19. Ba6, suggesting Be2- I guess Black's B is so bad there is no point in trading it off.

Wiebe-Letain 1-0
15. Bxh6 is a nice move..if gxf6 Black gets mated or loses major material. Black is doing fine until 31...g5 ?

Lipic - Evans 1-0
Black misses something with 10...Qg5 ?

Atem - Menard 1-0
Black is only slightly worse until he snatches a poison pawn.

Gibbons- Trinidad 0-1

Leor Wasserman - Czarny 1-0
Oops, Black is down a piece by move 7. He fought back however, and could have had a least a draw with 22...Nh6, inviting a repetition - if White tries something like 23. Qg2, Black has 23...Qf6.

Lauritson - Arie Wasserman 0-1
A big upset - it looked like Black was going to get crushed, but he found enough counterplay to do the crushing. White's idea of Rg3 is too slow, and leaves his back rank weak.

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