Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July TNT Final Round

Alex Nikouline won the tournament winning his last game over Jay Khedkar. It looked like a Morphy game, but according to the silicon beast, Alex erred at move 17.

Alex played 17. Qxc4+ which the computer gives as equal. But it is a tough position for Black and Jay lasted another 6 moves before calling it a day.

The crusher is apparently 17. Nd6 when after the essentially forced 17...Qxf7 18. Rxf7 Black loses the bishop on e7.

Ed Tang won his last game to score 4 -1 and finish second.

Tony Boron or Jim Lauritson had a chance to join Ed in second if their encounter was decisive

Jim had a pawn and pressure when this position after Black's (Lauritson) move 38.

I (Tony) immediately rejected Be1 as the knight on d4 is loose. 39. Nxc6 was the idea I had in mind several moves back with threats of mating after Nxe7+ and Qxf8. Jim played 39...Kh8
and now I played 40. Nxb4 instead of the easily winning Be1. I can only speculate that I didn't really look at Be1 as I had rejected it on the previous move. And that I was fixated on my original mating idea, (which ultimatelty helped me hold a draw).

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