Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fargo-Moorhead Chessnuts Tourney

As many of you know, Brian Thomson of the North Dakota Chess Nuts
organized the Chess Nuts Open in Moorhead Oct 20-21, 2007. Nearly 60 players participated.
Daniel Oberton had the best result of the Manitobans with a fine 4 out of 5. (But he was lucky, he didn't have to play any Manitobans; Blair played three and most of us played 2)

Crosstable can be seen here .

Here are some pictures from the Chessnuts tourney in Fargo-Moorhead, Concordia College.
Unfortunately most are out of focus as I did not use my flash as I wished to be as unobtrusive as possible. However, they will give you an idea of the great conditions.

Long view of the tourney hall (all except top 6 boards). There was also a large and separate skittles room.

Brian Thomson

The top 6 boards were located in a separate room. Extremely spacious !

Dan Voje, Alex Braun, Daniel Oberton

The Manitoba - Minnesota match trophy. The match was first contested in 1937. Alas, there were very few games between the teams this year.

The trophy traveled back to Minnesota.

Waldemar Schulz

Blair Rutter lost a long game in the 4th round

The winner, IM Victor Adler, having a look.

Jim Green wondering why Boron hung a simple mate in two against him.

October TNT Round 4

Mundwiler - Liu 1-0

Liu, with 15...Ne4, forced Les into a winning combination that culminates in 20.Nd5 (classic theme usually seen in Sicilians.) Incidentally 25. Qd7 would have also resulted in white's King also walking to g6. The way Les played it, the King gets there one move earlier.

Czypinski -Oberton DRAW

The opening was quite quiet but 24...f4 leaves a weak backward e pawn

But play continued 25. Ne4 Nxe4 26. Rxe4 Bf5 and Black keeps the material balance; a drawn Rook and Pawn endgame resulted.
However, after 25. Nf1, the epawn will fall without much fuss.

Silva - Kong DRAW

A very interesting endgame arose after 50. Kxd2

Upon first glance, 50...Kc4 looks natural. 51. Kc2 is forced. Then 51...a5 52. b3+ Kc5, I think White is lost. Black has two main themes: a5-a4 which creates a hole at c4; and the fact that he can create a passed pawn, likely the e-pawn. Take a look, it is great study material, post a message if you have any thoughts.

Kong played 50...f5 which is a little hasty...the availability of having moves like f6 and f5 in reserve can make the difference in endings like this.

Later, this position occurred--White to move.

Silva played 57. f4 ! (although he should have played it on his 56th move)

So the following position arose after 62...Kxa3

Almost anything wins here, including bringing the king over to the queenside and mating, but most of us would pick off some pawns first. Disregarding the quick mating variations, the only thing to prevent is the advancement of the a pawn; the kingside pawns aren't going anywhere.

In the game, 68. Qd4(which was not played) is instructive as it is an easy way to stop the a pawn.

I believe the last chance for White to win was after 72...f3+

73. Ke3 ! Kb1 74. Qb3+ Ka1 75. Qc2 ! the point as there is no stalemate ...f2 76. Qc1 mate.

It was a long game, so time trouble was probably a factor.

Greenberg - Khedkar 0-1

I think it was Jack Woodbury who cautioned me about playing Bf4 "on top" of a fianchetto. Now I am passing that wisdom on to Harley.

Wierda - Aaron Green 1-0

Wierda gives Aaron a knight on move 7, but by move 20 he has 3 pawns for it. Aaron could have regained his advantage with 21...Qxc4, or 28...Qxa5 but did not and lost on move 30.

Rutter - Atem 0-1

Blair made a strategic error by playing 21. bxc4 instead of Rxc4. The open B file immediately gave black tons of obvious play. Well played by James.

Jim Green - Saul Magnusson 1-0

White had a small edge until black hung an exchange in the middle of the board.

October TNT Round 3

Oberton - Mundwiler 0-1

Les continues to mesmerize his opponents with a unique brand of chess. Les sacrificied a tempo on moves 2-3. Young Daniel gave back a few tempii with 9. Ne2 and 11. Kh1 and suddenly Black looks good. The positioning of the N on e2 eventually led to a loss of a piece.

Van Wyk - Rutter 1-0

Blair errs with 7...Bf5 and has to find near only moves to survive. But the positional concessions are too much as Joseph exploits the opportunities with accuracy.

Khedkar - Liu 0-1

Jay dropped a piece after dropping a pawn. I can only guess he missed something.

Kong - Daniel Wiebe 1-0

I had a feeling that Daniel went wrong somewhere, but I couldn't verify my thoughts without silicon help.

After 31. Bd4

the computer likes 31...Kc8, but that is not a move a human is likely to play.

After a few more moves in the game the following position arose after 33. Bb6

Black can put the white Queen in jail with Bb8.
It turns out that Black can sac the exchange and likely obtain at least a draw.

Jim Green - Czypinski 0-1

I wish I had looked at this game before playing in Fargo. More on that later.

Greenberg - Wierda DRAW

Harley had a great position after 17...Ba3

But for some reason he rejected 18. Rxb7 which wins at least an exchange, and played 18. Qd4 instead. Later, Harley blundered a rook, but hung on for a draw which I can only conclude was due to John's time trouble (?).

Gibson - Huynh 1-0

Black won a pawn, and lost the game in this miniature.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

October TNT Round 2

Well, I guess you noticed that I am a little behind. That's what happens when you prepare and play in a sectional and then play in Fargo the next weekend. More on those later; I am going to try to get up to date on the TNT in the next few days starting with this post.

Mundwiler - Kong 1-0

Les played a very unusual maneouvere ...Be3-Bg4-Bh3 that eventually supported his f5 push.
Kong allowed an unfavourable trade of the black squared bishops and it was all over.

Liu- Wan Wyk DRAW

The two players continued their discussion of the Tarrasch Defence.

Oberton - Greenberg 1-0

Harley lost his d pawn for no compensation.

Czypinski-Khedkar DRAW

Czypinski had played 10. Bxh7+ to win a pawn, and Black responded 10...Kh8
There seemed to be a lot of life left in the position at move 17 when the players agreed to a draw.

Silva - Rutter 0-1

This French quickly transposed to a Sicilian and then just as quickly into something irregular.
Blair won an exchange, but Silva missed a chance to win it back after Rutter had played 23...Qb6

Simply taking with the knights twice on d7 and then Bg4 wins back the exchange.

Isaac Wiebe - Jim Green DRAW

After 27. Qf3 , Jim did not play Qxc2 when White is in huge trouble as his defences are overloaded. The main threat is Nxh3 + discovering an attack on the queen, an x-ray attack on f2 and also the N on b3 on R on d1 are being protected by the White Queen.

Aaron Green - Atem 0-1

Aaron left his knight en prise on g5.

Bryan Magnusson - Wierda 0 -1

Is there missing moves ?

Huynh - Saul Magnusson DRAW

Very level game until Black erred with 35...Ke6

Now 37. Nxd5 Kxd5 38. fg5 hg5 39. h4 f4+ 40. Kf3 (the key move to see) just wins.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

October TNT Round 1

Atem - Mundwiler 0-1

Mundwiler's essayed a strange "Modern" (to my eyes), and soon was in big trouble.

After 12...Nfg4

13. Nxe6 or 13. Bxg4 followed by 14. Nxe6 is crushing.

But Atem played 13.hg6. Les got his vulnerable knight out of the way with 13...Nxe3 and went on to win the game.

Van Wyk - Wiebe 1-0

A wild tactical melee.

Wierda - Oberton 0-1

White gave away a pawn early for no compensation.

Khedkar - Huynh 1-0

Peter couldn't find the correct defence to Jay's early threats to win the exchange.
However, he put up stubborn resistance, and this position arose later after
43. Qxc3

White is attacking c7, but white's king is in a bit of danger. Also the black Q indirectly covers c7. So 43...Ne4 suggest itself as a good practical chance. 44. Rxe4 is virtually forced and black may be able to hold the ending. Peter played the same idea, but interposed the unnecessary 43. Qxg1 + and lost the critical c7 pawn and resigned on move 48.

Reimer - Liu

Not a positional masterpiece.

Black has just played 22...Nxg3.
Of course the knight is untouchable, but does white have a good double threat move ?
Well. there is a triple threat move ...23. Qb3...this forces 23...Ne2+ 24. Rxe2 and if 24...Qxe2
25. Qxb7 and Black is in deep, deep trouble. If 24...Bd5 25. Qg3 threatening mate and white is just a piece up.

Gibson - Czypinski 0-1

Even game until white blundered a rook.

Saul Magnusson - Silva 0-1

White saved a pawn but gave up a mate with 34. Qg3

Bruce was one square away from finding the right idea, but played 23. Qc4 and soon lost.