Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 January TNT starts January 4

Location: University of Winnipeg - Rm 4CM42
4CM42 <-click here for map
4 rounds - January  4, 11, 18, 25 - (This is not a knockout tournament, players will play all 4 rounds)
Please note that we intend to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Tuesday Night Tournaments are held every month of the year, (except for November and December when things are organized a little differently).

There is one game per week.

All of the TNTs are Swiss (pairing) style tournaments with a time control of G /110 minutes [Each player has 1 hour 50 minutes  to complete their moves, the game will be be 3 hours and 40 minutes maximum]

The TNTs are typically 4 round events (one game for 4 consecutive Tuesdays in the month).

Start time is 7:00 pm and the TD will confirm costs
( $ 15 entry fee, and CFC membership required[$ 20 for a one-tournament membership or $ 49 for 12 months- new members pay only $ 36 for the year])

Registration for tournament -Tuesday, Januaary  4  - approximately 6:35 pm to 6:50 pm

Registration will be cut off at 6:50 pm. (If you think you may be late, please send an email to
chessmanitoba 'at' before 5 pm (you can try later, but the wireless access at the U may be problematic)

Location: University of Winnipeg - Rm 4CM42
4CM42 <-click here for map

This is very near our old room of 5L24 and is in fact on the same floor.

Easiest way to get there is the same way to 5L24 - take the elevator at the north end (Ellice) to the 5th Floor(if that Elevator is operating) Otherwise, there is an elevator just to the west of the Bookstore.
Our goal is to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Les Mundwiler's archives

Les Mundwiler sends along this photo of himself and the late Rick Evans playing speed chess at the storefront on Notre Dame.(Former Highbrow site) The photo is dated to January 2000.


Zaczek in Europe - Part 3

Jonathon writes:

"Anyways I continued to play like "crap" in the Rapid. I felt I played my best by far on the 2nd day even though I missed winning a clear exchange out of the opening against a WGM. Missing that exchange was a blunder cause she lifted the rook to eventually do me in.

Immediately the next day I was set to travel to the Ukraine with my Grandfather, as he wanted to see his Ukrainian roots. So we hop aboard a plane to Lvov (or Lviv) and what do you know, there's Ivanchuk (GM Vassil yIvanchu,k UKR 2754). 

 When we got off the plane all the people entered the airport through one door and the luggage was being towed to a door close by. Ivanchuk saw his bag on the cart and requested if he could just grab it. One of the officers let him and he went for it but then a 2nd officer was like "No no no! Put it back!" and so Ivanchuk went and put it back. The first officer looked at the 2nd and said "He's Ivanchuk! Rank still had its privileges as Ivanchuk was allowed to just pass through security ahead of the long line behind him.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - December 18, 2010

from the Saturday Winnipeg Free Press
White to mate in 3 (Wurzburg)
1. Kd7 (please see some lines in the comments provided by an anonymous conttributor).

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zaczek in Europe

Jonathon writes from Warsaw:
Blitz tournament started great.  I beat (GM Viktor)Bologan with black and narrowly lost with white.
 (Editor - check out board 10
But then it went way downhill from there. I hung way too many mates in won positions to count. I'm sure I made a lot of kids happy :P I think 50% of my opponents were girls as well...

All clocks face the same direction and colors are always on the same side. You are required to physically get up from the board and walk around the long tables to start the 2nd game.
Zaczek finished in 232nd place
Standings here:$426.html

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - December 4, 2010

from the Saturday Winnipeg Free Press
 White to mate in 3 (Loyd)
1. Kc5

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 ChessNuts Challenge October 1,2 Fargo

Brian Thompson writes:

Well, after considering about a dozen sites for the 2011 ChessNuts Challenge Open, I've made a firm commitment to the Fargo Howard Johnson's for the weekend of October 1 & 2 of next year.  With Concordia remodeling the Grant Center into a new business college, I was forced to look at all of my options for a "best fit" for the tournament.  While the HoJo is not perfect, it was the best all-around site for all of our tournament needs and I am excited to be able to move forward with the planning stages of our next great tournament.  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2011 Manitoba Championship Candidates

Here is how the candidates qualified for the 8 player knockout:

1. Previous Year's Champion (TREVOR VINCENT)
     2. Winner of the Reserve (2010 Albert Boxer Memorial) (ARVIN DAWA)
     3. MB Junior Champion (if rated above 1900) to be decided November 21= (AARON GREEN)
     4. Top Manitoban in AY Memorial (JONATHON ZACZEK)
  5. 2 Winners from 2 Qualifying tournaments (NOT HELD this year)
     5,6. Top 2 finishers in the Tournament of Champions (Nov-Dec) JONATHON ZACZEK, SAM LIPNOWSKI
     7,8. Top 2 CFC rated (established) players who have played at
     least 10 CFC rated games in 2010. (JEFF BABB, ROLANDO BINCE)
     9. 2nd Manitoban in the AY Memorial (SAM LIPNOWSKI)
     10. 2nd place in the first Qualifying Tournament (NOT HELD)
     11. 2nd place in the second Qualifying Tournament (NOT HELD)  
10. Third highest CFC rated player who have played at least 10 CFC
     rated games in the previous year. (GUSTAVO MELAMEDOFF)
     11. Fourth highest CFC rated player who have played at least 10 CFC
     rated games in the previous year. (ALEXANDER NIKOULINE)
     12. Second place in the 2010 Albert Boxer Memorial Open Section (SAM LIPNOWSKI)

So, the first eight qualifiers (in rating order) are:

Trevor Vincent
Jonathan Zaczek
Sam Lipnowski
Jeff Babb
Arvin Dawa
Rolando Bince
Gustavo Melamedoff
Aaron Green

First Alternate: Alex Nikouline

Please review and let me know if I made in error and identifying the Candidates. I will be contacting them shortly to determine their interest in participating. I am targeting the last three Tuesdays in February as potential first round dates.

Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Winnipeg Blitz Championship - Tuesday, December 14

Jonathon Zaczek has indicated that he will be defending his Winnipeg Blitz Chess Championship.
Last year, as you may recall, the winner was determined through a knockout format.

The tournament will be at the University of Winnipeg, Room 4CM42.
Registration from 6:45 to 7:00- and we will start right after.
$ 10 for the evening - no memberships required % 80 returned as prizes - 20% to the club for wear and tear on the clocks.

As GM Boris Alterman says in his lectures on ICC, "Now, pay attention".

Last year, we played 'old school' 5 minute.  This year we will play with a time control of 3 minutes with a two-second increment.  This is the time control used at the World Blitz Championship and the European Championship, etc.

And it will be a double round-robin. Perhaps two, if there are enough players. We have time for 9 double-rounds (18 games) plus perhaps a few if required.

$ 10 for the evening - no memberships required % 80 returned as prizes - 20% to the club for wear and tear on the clocks.

The Rules:
Substitute 3 minute with 2 second increment, for 5-minute.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 TOC and Shpan rated by CFC

2010 TOC and Shpan have been rated by the CFC

Congratulations to the following who achieved new peak ratings:

Jonathon Zaczek   2300 (!)
Gustavo Melamedoff 2084
Perfecto Joven 1995
Leor Wasserman 1846
Gary Campbell 1684
Bruce Reimer 1640
Sashika Kumaragamage 1443

and several other who achieved new high provisional ratings.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle, November 20, 2010

from the Saturday Winnipeg Free Press
White to mate in 2 (Chepizhni)