Thursday, October 25, 2007

October TNT Round 2

Well, I guess you noticed that I am a little behind. That's what happens when you prepare and play in a sectional and then play in Fargo the next weekend. More on those later; I am going to try to get up to date on the TNT in the next few days starting with this post.

Mundwiler - Kong 1-0

Les played a very unusual maneouvere ...Be3-Bg4-Bh3 that eventually supported his f5 push.
Kong allowed an unfavourable trade of the black squared bishops and it was all over.

Liu- Wan Wyk DRAW

The two players continued their discussion of the Tarrasch Defence.

Oberton - Greenberg 1-0

Harley lost his d pawn for no compensation.

Czypinski-Khedkar DRAW

Czypinski had played 10. Bxh7+ to win a pawn, and Black responded 10...Kh8
There seemed to be a lot of life left in the position at move 17 when the players agreed to a draw.

Silva - Rutter 0-1

This French quickly transposed to a Sicilian and then just as quickly into something irregular.
Blair won an exchange, but Silva missed a chance to win it back after Rutter had played 23...Qb6

Simply taking with the knights twice on d7 and then Bg4 wins back the exchange.

Isaac Wiebe - Jim Green DRAW

After 27. Qf3 , Jim did not play Qxc2 when White is in huge trouble as his defences are overloaded. The main threat is Nxh3 + discovering an attack on the queen, an x-ray attack on f2 and also the N on b3 on R on d1 are being protected by the White Queen.

Aaron Green - Atem 0-1

Aaron left his knight en prise on g5.

Bryan Magnusson - Wierda 0 -1

Is there missing moves ?

Huynh - Saul Magnusson DRAW

Very level game until Black erred with 35...Ke6

Now 37. Nxd5 Kxd5 38. fg5 hg5 39. h4 f4+ 40. Kf3 (the key move to see) just wins.


Nigel Hanrahan said...

A very interesting unplayed move for Jim Green in his game against Isaac Wiebe in Round 2 was the very complicated 30... bxa3! with dangerous promotion threats by the Black pawns. It's very dangerous for White to unthinkingly grab the "free" bishop. I think it gives Green a big edge if not an outright win. If White chooses not to grab the Black bishop on d6 then Black retains strong play against the isolated pawn on c2 and could still play for the win. Definitely worth looking at in any case.

Chess Manitoba said...

I agree; I can only suspect that Green may have in time trouble. I must confess that after Black missed the absolutely crushing 27...Qxc2, I did not look closely at the remaining moves.

Nigel Hanrahan said...


Is it possible for people other than yourself to post positions on a chessboard in these comments or on this blog? I realize that I could go to or even and do so, but those aren't Manitoba-specific chess sites. I have some more remarks saved up that could use the board layout as a graphic when you get around to those rounds.

Just wondering,


Anonymous said...

In the I. Wiebe, versus J. Green, black had several opportunities to obtain the better game. First, instead of the aggressive 6...b5, I thought black could have an edge with d5!, and black consumes white's centre.

Also, during the game, I eyed 18 Rxf6, which would win two pieces for a rook, as well as a passed A pawn. This was recommended by Chessmaster 10 000, but Fritz or Rybka, might have disagreed.

Qf3 was a terrible blunder I made, but I was so lucky that Green missed Qxc2, for he was in major time pressure, with about 8 minutes left on his clock. I thought that I could draw by trying to swap queens.