Friday, December 21, 2007

Grand Prix Final Round

Group A
No games. Boron wins the tourney, Sam Lipnowski second, Jay Khedkar third.

Group B

Van Wyk - Lauritson 0-1 Lauritom win tourney with 5.0 - Van Wyk second with 4.5

White had a large advantage after 22...Re6. Black looks to be overloaded.

23. Nc4 should win decisive material. Eventually Black untangled himself, but the game ended abruptly om move 39 perhaps because of White flagging ? Does anybody know ?

Pottinger - Silva 0-1

White lost a knight early.

Group C

Booth - Wiebe 0-1

Did White miss a mate in two starting with 17. Qxg6 +, or is the game score wrong ?
After that Black defended well and won.
So Wiebe won the tourney with an undefeated 4 wins and 2 draws. Weixi Liu was second with 4 points.

Gannon - Liu - DRAW

White held a definitive advantage when a draw was agreed.

Group D

Magnusson - Gibbons 1-0

Lorne likes to toy with his opponents before giving away the point. He could have won this group.

Green, Aaron - Gibson 1-0
White converted the large advantage he obtained in the opening, and also won the tourney with 4.5. Magnusson was second with 4.

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Nigel Hanrahan said...

The Van Wyk - Lauritson game score is not complete. Both players were in time trouble and, if my memory serves me correctly, Jim Lauritson mated Joseph with 3 seconds left on his clock! One of the two players may have reconstructed the game score afterwards, but there were few witnesses as this was the last game of the tournament to finish. Somehow this fight to the finish at the end of the Shpan Memorial seems entirely appropriate! Ha ha!