Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A look at the games from the Kent Oliver Memorial

Round 1
Turning points

Lipnowski - Jim Green 1-0
This game was equal until the late middlegame when Black starting drifting.
Black missed taking the initiative after 35. Rc4

the c pawn is attacked, but Black has the surprising

35...Rd8 ! with the idea 36. Nxc5 Rd5 (notice that mate is threatened) 37. Ne4 Rf5+ 38. Ke3 Rfe5 and Black wins material as f5 is threatened and the c5 square will be available for nasty forks.

In the game, Black also had the strong 38...f5 which embarasses White's pieces.
Black appeared to be playing for the draw but loses his way with 48...Rdd7, when Re7 should hold the draw (if Black had enough time on the clock).

Gannon - Nikouline 0-1
Alex was in some trouble but 21. Qc5 + wastes a critical tempo, forcing Black to vacate the f8 square where the queen rook will soon appear.

Kaptsan - Remillard 1-0
Black threw away the draw with 63...Be3; Kc7 should be good enough to get over to Ke7 in time.

Letain - Atem 0-1
After 40...Kc5 41. Bg1+ looks winning for White.

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