Friday, April 11, 2008

April TNT Round 2

Mundwiler -Rumpel 1-0
Black found himself without any counterplay and his pieces too far away to help against White;s kingside aggression. Two suggestions:
17...Bd3 (which Black plays much later) right away instead of Qb7
and 21...Nh7 keeping the knight closer to assist in the defence, instead of Nd7.

Silva - Lauritson DRAW
Alex Nikouline indicates there is a problem with the game score after move 23.

Greenberg - Kernetsky 0-1
A rare 1. e4 from Harley...7.Nb5 doesn't look like the correct idea.

Jim Green - Kong 1-0
White won a pawn and ground out the endgame.

Rutter - Letain 1-0
17...f5 may have been a subtle positional error that came back later to haunt Black.
I am not sure why White did not play 18. g4 winning a piece for two pawns. Perhaps to kee things under control and not allow any counterplay.

Leah Green - Wierda 0-1
A few too many pawns, then a piece fell to small combinations. White should have tried 8. Nd1 to defend the early threats, then regroup.

Gibbons - Kuropatwa 1-0
White dodged a bullet when Black didn't play 20...Ne4+

Gibson - Lawrence Klusa 1-0
Black just couldn't get developed properly with his Modern Defence while facing a devastating attack.

Mark Klusa - Aaron Green 0-1
Black accumulated small advantages.

Arie Wasserman - Peter Martens 1-0
White made this much more difficult than it should have been. He dominated early, ending up a rook up, then sacrificed the rook to eventually enter an unclear rook and pawn endgame at move 50, that Black could probably hold with best play.

James Martens - Evans 0-1
8. d4 should be considered before playing Qd3.

Leo Wasserman - Kalk 1-0
Black is doing fine, but overestimates the strength of White's d pawn and gives up a rook for it.

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