Thursday, September 25, 2008

September TNT Round 3

Rutter - Bince DRAW
When initially going through the early part of the game I thought the players must have missed a tactic, but I couldn't find anything substantial.
However later 41 (or 42)...Rd3 looks good for an advantage. After missing this, White is able to drum up sufficient play to draw.

Lipnowski - Greenberg 1-0
Black equalizes early and then gradually increases his advantage.
Harley tries to win a pawn with a tactic - but it is a trap that loses a piece. Apparently.
But 28...f5 with the idea 28. Qxf5 Rf8, or 28. Qh4 Qd6 with the idea Qxd5 + and Black may have enough pawns for the piece.

Trueman - Van Wyk 0-1

Khedkar - Liu DRAW
Black could try to win the a pawn by exchanging on d4 and threatening mate on g2, by something like 18...Nxd4 19. Nxd4 Be5.
Black sets a trap as 26. Qxb2 is answered by ....Qd1+ 27. Kg2 Ne5.
There is still lots of play in the position when the draw was agreed.

Kernetsky - Kong DRAW
Black plays a nice tactic 19...Nxe3 ! but white reacts well and may be slightly better when the draw was agreed.

Aaron Green - D. Wiebe 1-0
Aaron receives a gift.

Daase - Mandusic 1-0

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