Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Golden Raspberry

In the new book, 'The Greatest Ever chess opening ideas',
the author, Christoph Scheerer, "looks back through chess history and at modern times to create a list of his own favourites. Selecting from hundreds of candidates, Scheerer examines factors such as creativity, shock value, effectiveness and endurance in order to decide which ideas are most worthy of inclusion."

Chapter 47 (! the book has 368 pages !) is titled 'The Golden Raspberry' and discusses the infamous Gothenburg Variation of the Najdorf. As many of you know, local master Dale Kirton did some ground-breaking work on this variation a few years ago that was published in New in Chess. So I wondered if Dale's work would be mentioned.

Sure enough, on pag 344; "It was left to the relatively unknown Canadian master Dale Kirton to present what seems to be the ultimate refutation of the Gothenburg variation." Scheerer then gives a game and incorporates Dale's analysis.


Unknown said...

The internet is not being nice. I can't find the theory for this variation. Do you know it?

Chess Manitoba said...


but I suggest it is only for the extremely dedicated.