Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 2009 TNT Round 2

Aaron Green - Babb 0-1
White has a typical small advantage that is characteristic of the Ruy Lopez Exchange. However, Black equalizes and easily wins the resulting endgame after simplification. Perhaps the pawn sacrifice 18. e5 was worthy of consideration, to take advantage of Black's uncastled king.

Kaptsan-Lauritson 1-0
Black initiates exchanges with 20...c5, but it just leaves him with a weak c-pawn that leads to the loss of the e-pawn. White wins the minor piece ending with solid technique, but also to be considered was the near zugszwang inducing 28. Re8+ Kh7 29. Bc3

Jim Green-Mundwiler DRAW
I was viewing this game live, and thought that Black must have something good to play around move 24, say 24...Qa8 (working on those Cecil Saturday puzzles gave me the inspiration for this). The engines agree. But in the game, by move 28 White had solved his problems and the players split the point.

Boron-Greenberg 1-0
I fully expected 9...Bxd3, as the game continuation drops a pawn Black. I intended to play 26. b3 which would have solved a lot of my later problems, but I think I hallucinated that 26...Nxe5 was possible. Instead 26. Rd1 ? just throws away White's advantage. However, Black returns the favour 3 moves later with 29...Qxc2 entering the endgame in the least favourable way.

Kernetsky-Levesque 1-0
Black is in a world of hurt after 18...g5.

Rutter - Leah Green 1-0
Black loses a rook to a tactical motive we have all fallen to, but misses her chance to embarass White after 20.Kh1
20...c6 21. Qc4 b5 and the queen is lost !

Evans - Khedkar 0-1
White loses a pawn to a little tactic in a roughly equal position (move 28).
28. c5 and it is still an interesting game with the outcome in question.

Pottinger-Trinidad 1-0
Game score is muddled according to Les. Unfortunate as there was some interesting tactics near the end culminating in mate.

Kumaragamage - Einarsson 0-1
The more experienced player with Black swaps off most of the pieces, then wins an exchange.

Magnusson - Wierda 1-0
Black could have saved himself with 15...f6

Arie Wasserman - Menard 1-0
White displays an array of tactical motifs.

Gibbons - Czarny 0-1
Just wondering if the scoresheet is correct ? - 22...Ne5 drops a piece.

Campbell - Keer 1-0
Black doesn't respond carefully to White's threats.

Leor Wasserman - Milord - DRAW
Black's finds the shot 12...Nf2, but the way to benefit from it is 14...O-O-O. But White fails to capitalize with 17.b3...chasing the Q away from the c5 square when Bc5+ will result in a king hunt.


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