Thursday, July 16, 2009

Manitobans at the Canadian Open

Round 5 resulted in a 5.5-5.5 result for the Manitobans.

The highlight so far would have to be Paolo Araullo's results.
Last night he beat a Dutch FIDE rated player to move to 3.5. Tonight he gets another FIDE rated player. So for FIDE rating purposes, Paolo now has a 'result' (scoring at least 1 from 3 games in one event[one point is required for the first set of games; after that .5 is sufficient]), and will have at least 4 games towards the 9 eventually required for a FIDE rating.

(I have clipped the following from Stephen Wright's BCCF E-MAIL BULLETIN #168)

"Returning to Edmonton for the sixth time in forty-six events, the Canadian Open has attracted just over two hundred entrants, including nine grandmasters: Alexei Shirov, Hua Ni, Michael Adams, Surya Ganguly, Victor Mikhalevski, Eugene Perelshtyn, Anton Kovalyov, Mark Bluvshtein, and Xue Zhao. After five of the nine rounds there is a log jam at the top with nine players tied on 4.5: GMs Shirov, Ni, Adams, Ganguly, Mikhalevski, Bluvshtein, IM Edward Porper, and FMs Vladimir Pechenkin and Theo Hommeles. Currently the top B.C. player is FM Ian MacKay, tied with fifteen others a half point back; additional B.C. leaders include FM Jack Yoos, Lucas Davies, and Edward Tang (all 3.5), and IM Leon Piasetski, Ben Daswani, Tanraj Sohal, Vlad Gaciu, Richard Huang, and Dezheng Kong (all 3.0).
All aspects of internet coverage, including pairings, standings, games, and photos, are being handled by Monroi - is the tournament-specific address. Some of these materials are finding their way to the Chessbase site; to date there have been two reports:
Apart from allowing access to a PGN file which includes all the available games, Chessbase has also commissioned GM Alexander Shabalov to write annotations for the top five or six games from each round. "

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