Thursday, November 12, 2009

ND Chessnuts Results 2009

GM Alex Yermolinsky

See the Open results here

and the U1900 results here
Ken Einarsson playing Black in the U1900 Section

In Match scores, we defeated Minnesota, but lost to North Dakota. (I will have to confirm the scores with Blair Rutter), but from what I can determine - Stephen Lipic and Blair Rutter both contributed a +2 score against Minnesota.

I scored 3 / 5 - clear 5th overall and good enough for a piece of some U2100 prize - apparently $ 100.

But the titled players kept avoiding me :-)

Yermolinsky took a first round bye, IM Victor Adler fell ill earlier in the week, and thus on Friday night I was paired with IM Sandor Kustar on first board.

After half an hour or so it was determined that he was not going to be able to play in the tournament, so Brian Thompson filled in and I was fortunate to win a see-saw endgame.
Mike Sailer (Black) vs. Blair Rutter (White)

In the second rd I drew Aron Kaptsan. In third round I beat an expert, Nikita Barabanov and found myself with a surprising 2.5. I thought that I may have a crack at "Yermo" in round 4, but I assume the colours didn't work.

Aron and Zaczek both got to play Yermo. Aron lost in an interesting endgame, I saw Zaczek in the "private" skittles room analyzing with Yermolinsky after round 5, so that must have been fun for Jonathon.
Yermolinsky drew Okechukwu Iwu of Duluth.
These two, Mike Sailer and Dmitri Babarbanov tied for first with 4 points
Iwu and Waldemar Schulz

Stephen Lipic was in the running for an under 1900 prize in the Open section; I am sure he will let me know the result.

GM Yermolinsky provided a lecture and Q & A.


Unknown said...

I tied for first in U1900 with the individual that drew Jonathon, Dane ZZagar. I kicked his butt in a Panov-Attack (playing Black).

The Panov is garbage.

Anonymous said...

The Panov-Botvinnik is Garbage?, I suppose Mikhail was a bum as well?