Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kent Oliver - update

25 players are competing in the Kent Oliver Memorial today.

Round 1
No upsets in the first round - but Jim Green came within ten seconds of losing to young Devon Li.

Round 2
Steven deGroot held Aron Kaptsan to a draw. Jim Green upset Gustavo Melamedoff.
No other 'upsets' that I can see - so after two rounds - Sam Lipnowski, Jonathon Zaczek, Jim Green, and Alex Nikouline have perfect scores.

Round 3
Zaczek and Lipnowski emerged as the co-leaders with 3-0.

Round 4
Zaczek beat Lipnowski to ensure at least a share of first at 4-0, as Boron and Kaptsan could not settle a King and pawn endgame and ended the round at 3-1

Round 5
Kaptsan and Boron didn't get a crack at Zaczek, but Melamedoff did - but could not stop Jonathon's Shirovian roll. So Jonathon won with an impressive 5-0, for his second "bracelet" in the last five weeks.

Lipnowski beat Boron, and Kaptsan beat Nikouline, both to finish at 4-1. Meanwhile, Perfecto Joven beat Jim Green to win the top U1900 prize, and Gary Crawford won the top U1500 prize.

Crosstable and prize winners - here

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