Sunday, April 4, 2010

Top Rated Manitobans

Below are the top rated Manitobans who have played at least 8 CFC standard rated games since
January 1, 2009

Vincent, Trevor 2304
Gentes, Kevin 2254
Lipnowski, Samuel 2232
Araullo, Paolo 2187
Babb, Jeff 2134
Bince, Rolando 2117
Dawa, Arvin 2106
Zaczek, Jonathon 2101
Nikouline, Alexandre 2092
Kaptsan, Aron 2063
Khedkar, Jay S. 2063
Boron, Anthony 2040
Mundwiler, Les 2027
Kernetsky, Myron 2021
Schulz, Waldemar 2017
Oberton, Daniel 1993
Wiebe, Daniel 1973
Green, Aaron 1972
Raihman, Igal 1968
Czypinski, Jaroslaw 1927

The importance of this list will become clearer tonight when I post the draft regulations for 2010 Manitoba Closed qualification.


Zug said...

Wild card spots????

Also is Wiebe still a Manitoban?

Chess Manitoba said...

Wiebe probably is not, but he is far enough down the list that it likely does not matter for this exercise.