Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zaczek in Europe - Part 3

Jonathon writes:

"Anyways I continued to play like "crap" in the Rapid. I felt I played my best by far on the 2nd day even though I missed winning a clear exchange out of the opening against a WGM. Missing that exchange was a blunder cause she lifted the rook to eventually do me in.

Immediately the next day I was set to travel to the Ukraine with my Grandfather, as he wanted to see his Ukrainian roots. So we hop aboard a plane to Lvov (or Lviv) and what do you know, there's Ivanchuk (GM Vassil yIvanchu,k UKR 2754). 

 When we got off the plane all the people entered the airport through one door and the luggage was being towed to a door close by. Ivanchuk saw his bag on the cart and requested if he could just grab it. One of the officers let him and he went for it but then a 2nd officer was like "No no no! Put it back!" and so Ivanchuk went and put it back. The first officer looked at the 2nd and said "He's Ivanchuk! Rank still had its privileges as Ivanchuk was allowed to just pass through security ahead of the long line behind him.

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