Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zaczek in Poland

I missed posting this early - Jaro Czypinski told me that Jonathon Zaczek defeated a GM in Poland.

Here is Jonathon's message from May:
Yes, I defeated GM Krzysztof Jakubowski in a rapid game. I almost beat GM Monika Socko (I was up a clear exchange) as well but it ended in a draw. It was a King's Gambit theme tournament which has been held for 15 years now. It was very interesting because after 15 years the players are quite well booked up on both sides of this opening. I went in with no preparation at all and was basically losing out of the opening every game by at least 2 pawns or a piece or a rook and would have to rise from the ashes by playing desperately which made for a very fun exciting tournament.

The game against the GM looked something like this. He just played Ne7-f5:
[White "Nikachu"]
[Black "GM"]
[Result "*"]
[SetUp "1"]
[FEN "2kr1b1r/ppp2p1b/7p/q4n1P/
2BP1Bp1/4Q1N1/P5PK/2R4R w - - 0 1"]
1. Be6+ fxe6 2. Qxe6+ Kb8 3. Bxc7+ Qxc7 4. Rxc7
Bd6 5. Rxb7+ Ka8 6. Rhb1 Nxd4 7. Qc4 Bxb1 8. Rxb1 Bb8 9. Qf7 *
and he actually lost on time. He claimed he missed Rxb7. I didn't even know he was a GM until I looked at the player list. I knew he had to be strong because I saw him on the top boards but I figured he was just some FM or something.
The tournament can be found here:
I'm also playing in this with no luck: I'm not converting winning positions very well and have ended up with a lot of draws :P
Until next Sunday I'll be playing every day in the Warsaw Open as I did last year. Also no luck. Today I was a piece up against an extremely talented (and outrageously underrated) kid named Lukasz Jarmula. However he was able to create a draw. I also drew some guy in the first round after I was forced to exchange 3 pieces for a queen.
That more or less sums it up. I've beaten Bologan in blitz, Jakubowski in rapid, who's going to lose to me in classical?

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