Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 January TNT Chess Tournament starts Tuesday, January 8

2013 January TNT
$ 15 entry fee  -   Prizes will be based on entries.

Location 4CM 42 University of Winnipeg - Rm 4CM42

 4 rounds - January 8, 15, 22, 29 - (This is not a knockout tournament, players will play all 4 rounds)

Please note that we intend to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
Tuesday Night Tournaments are held every month of the year, (except for November and December when things are organized a little differently).
There is one game per week.All of the TNTs are Swiss (pairing) style tournaments with a time control of G /110 minutes [Each player has 1 hour 50 minutes  to complete their moves, the game will be be 3 hours and 40 minutes maximum]

The TNTs are typically 4 round events (one game for 4 consecutive Tuesdays in the month).

Start time is 7:00 pm and the TD will confirm costs.
$ 15 entry fee and CFC membership required[$ 20 for a one-tournament membership or $ 49 for 12 months- new members pay only $ 36 for the year for the CFC membership, Juniors $ 34 for the year, $ 24 for first-time members, $10 for a one-tournament membership])

Registration for tournament -Tuesday, January 8 - approximately 6:35 pm to 6:50 pm

Registration will be cut off at 6:50 pm. (If you think you may be late, please send an email tochessmanitoba 'at' before 5 pm (you can try later, but the wireless access at the U may be problematic)

Location: University of Winnipeg - Rm 4CM42

Easiest way to get there is to take the elevator at the north end (Ellice) to the 5th Floor(if that Elevator is operating) Otherwise, there is an elevator just to the west of the old Bookstore location.  Our goal is to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

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