Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 MB Championship Qualifying Update

On February 3, Kevin Li defeated Leor Wasserman for the 2012 Manitoba Junior Championship.
So the priority list is now clear:

8 player knockout
Qualifiers -
Qualifiers must play 10 standard rated games (somewhere in the world) during calendar 2012 in order to qualify. In order of preference - if the qualifying player did not want to participate or the qualifier is redundant, we continued down the list until there were 8 willing participants.

     1. Previous Year's Champion (TREVOR VINCENT)
     2. Winner of the Reserve (2012 Albert Boxer Memorial, KEVIN GENTES)
     3. MB Junior Champion (if rated above 1900) (KEVIN LI)
     4. Top Manitoban in AY Memorial (Fletcher Baragar, but  only 5 games played)
     5,6. Top 2 finishers in the Tournament of Champions (Kevin Gentes, ARVIN DAWA)
     7. Player with the best MTPPS (KEVIN LI)
     8. Player with the 2nd best MTPPS (JEFF BABB)
     9. 2nd Manitoban in the AY Memorial (JEFF BABB, JASON REPA)
    10. Player with the 3rd best MTPPS (Kevin Gentes)
     11. Player with the 4th best MTPPS 
    12. etc.from the MTPPS

Eligible Participants in order of qualifying (not necessarily seed order; seeding will be based on CFC rating at Dec 31, 2012) :

1. Trevor Vincent (Participation Confirmed)
2. Kevin Gentes (Participation Confirmed)
3. Kevin Li (Participation Confirmed)
4. Arvin Dawa (Participation Confirmed)
5. Jeff Babb (Participation Confirmed)
6. Jason Repa  (Participation Confirmed)

From the MTPSS

7. Aron Kaptsan (Participation Confirmed)
8. Samuel Lipnowski (Declined)
9. Nilo Moncal (Participation Confirmed)
10. Leor Wasserman
11. Sam Cleto
12. Gustavo Melamedoff
13.Myron Kernetsky
14. Anthony Boron

I will start contacting the eligible folks to confirm their interest until we have 8 players.

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