Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 MB Championship Update

 Kevin Gentes has informed that he will not be participating.
Therefore, the next player on the list is Leor Wasserman
Confirmed Participants in seeding order  (based on CFC rating at Dec 31, 2012) :

1. Trevor Vincent   CFC  2353
2. Kevin Li     CFC 2224
3. Jeff Babb   CFC 2198
4. Arvin Dawa   CFC 2176
5. Nilo Moncal   CFC 2165
6. Jason Repa   CFC 2148
7. Aron Kaptsan   CFC 2040
8, Leor Wasserman CFC 1962

1st Round - Quarterfinal Match Pairings


8 player single knockout (same format as 2011, 2012 year)(ratings at end of 2011 will be used for pairings - 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc.
3 levels (quarter-final, semi-final, final) of 2 game matches.

Time Control.
Last year we gave a players a choice to play  G/110 to allow play on Tuesdays. At least two matches were played at that time control. However, the default time control is  G/90 + 30 second increment per move..
 (G/110 could be played on Tuesdays alongside the TNT; G/90 + 30 increment would be played on arranged weekend dates)

2 games at Tiebreaks at G - 25 plus 10 second increment
If tied - after 2 games - 2 more games at this time control.

If still tied - 2 game sets at 3 2 until a winner is determined

Matches to be played at player's convenience (they will submit
dates they are available)

Dates proposed for completion of Matches: approximately
Round 1 - by middle of May
Round 2 - by early June
Final - By end of June

If your pairing partner agrees to play earlier, go for it.
CFC Membership required - will be CFC and FIDE rated
 No entry fee.

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