Monday, December 30, 2013

40 Years Ago...

some future blogger won a chess tournament (1973 Winnipeg High School Chess Tournament) . How time flies !

From the Winnipeg Free Press, December 31, 1973

( I originally posted this 5 years ago, but decided to update it, because
a) It is the 40th anniversary
b) John Remillard has provided some long lost information
c) I am posting the games )

I was quite fortunate that the best player that year, Jeff Babb, was upset by Chris Cooley sometime in a middle round. Thus I didn't have to play Jeff, and I beat Cooley in the 8th and final round. I scored 6.5 -1.5 (3 draws) and if I recall correctly I won the trophy on tiebreak over CooleyPaul O'Leary and Jeff Babb. I also seem to recall there were over 80 players (84 apparently from the clipping below).

According to my recopied scoresheets there were 3 rounds on each of the 27th and 28th, 2 rounds on the 29th. The draws were with the still active John Remillard and Richard Lindsay, and J. Bradford.
I do remember Eric Jefferson giving me a ride from Tec Voc (the tournament site) to the Free Press (which was on Carlton then ) for the photos.

I have posted the games here.

I had been playing seriously for about 2 years - (of interest my scorebook shows that I just returned from the the Santa Claus Open in Hibbing, MN - I caught a ride with several other local players - more on that later) starting sometime in Grade 9 after getting tired of being the victim of Scholar's Mate on the odd occasion that someone brought out the board.
I recall having studied Reuben Fine's 'Basic Chess Endings', and playing over games from Keene's 'Flank Openings'.

John's team from St. Paul's had the highest team score - I don't recall how the team score was determined, it may have been the total of the top 4 players.

 Below are the individual results (scores, tiebreak) - players from the same school did not play each other.
I didn't appreciate it at the time, but hats off to the TD. It couldn't have been easy doing the pairings.


Louis Kessler said...

Thanks for posting that, Tony.

I knew I entered one of those high school tournaments, but didn't remember how I did. Now I see that I ended up 24th with a score of 4.5.

That may have been the last human chess tournament I ever entered. I do remember never being able to beat you, Tony.

Also, note who wrote the Chess column back then.


Nikachu said...

8 rounds and never got paired against Jeff Babb? How lucky. Or suspicious....