Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 Manitoba Closed Update

Manitoba Closed 2014 format : 8 player knockout 

(Note: The MCA board approved the adding up to two spots to the the Manitoba Championship through an at-large bidding process.  Players who did not otherwise qualify can provide a minimum $ 50 bid in order to play.  The two highest bids over $ 50 will get spots #9 and # 10 in the seeding. Qualifiers 7 and 8  (ordered by CFC rating), along with the new 2 additions will play in a preliminary knockout round, producing two winners who then play with the top six qualifiers by CFC rating).  If interested, please submit your bid to by April 17
, 2014

Qualifiers -
Qualifiers must play 10 standard rated games (somewhere in the world) during calendar 2013 in order to qualify. In order of preference - if the qualifying player did not want to participate or the qualifier is redundant, we continued down the list until there were 8 willing participants.

     1. Previous Year's Champion TREVOR VINCENT
     2. Winner of the Reserve (no event)
     3. MB Junior Champion (if rated above 1900) KEVIN LI
     4. Top Manitoban in AY Memorial (TREVOR VINCENT)
     5,6. Top 2 finishers in the Tournament of Champions (Nov-Dec) Kevin Li, JEFF BABB
     7. Player with the best (not qualified otherwise) MTPPS (Modified Tournament Performance Point Score) SAM LIPNOWSKI
     8. Player with the 2nd best MTPPS (Modified Tournament Performance Point Score) LEOR           WASSERMAN
     9. 2nd Manitoban in the AY Memorial (KEVIN GENTES (on tiebreak), but did not play 10 games.
    10. Player with the 3rd best MTPPS  Les Mundwiler
    11. Player with the 4th best MTPPS  GUSTAVO MELAMEDOFF
    12. Player with the 5th best MTPPS  WALDEMAR SCHULZ
    13. Player with the 6th best MTPPS  ANTHONY BORON
  14. Player with the 6th best MTPPS  MYRON KERNETSKY

The players above will be contacted to determine their desire to play in the championship.

MTPSS -  Modified Tournament Performance Point Score
MTPPS is calculated as follows:
A Loss = 0 points
A Draw = the rating of the opponent
A Win = the greater of [your opponent's rating + 200] or [your rating]

The top ten performance scores for each player are counted
The  top MTPPS scores are as follows:

1 Trevor Vincent 125311 23653
2  Samuel Lipnowski 105377 22928
3  Kevin Li 152422 22886
4  Jeff Babb 102141 22621
5  Leor Wasserman 139153 22129

 Les Mundwiler 103336 21818
6  Gustavo Melamedoff 136900 21484
7  Waldemar Schulz 106687 21309
8 Anthony Boron 101126 21255
9  Myron Kernetsky 101127 21226
10 Ryne Swift 143093 21016
11 Gustav L Baron 152320 20816
12  Steven de Groot 137876 20776
The following qualifiers have accepted:

KEVIN LI   2285

 Arvin Dawa 2139  has entered via bis
C Iyer 2096  has entered via bid.  

IYER will play BARON in the playin ound
DAWA will play SWIFT in the playin round.

Players will be reseeded based on the ratings above - after the play-in round

The following qualifiers have declined:
Trevor Vincent
Myron Kernetsky
Waldemar Schulz

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