Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - August 23, 2014

from the Winnipeg Free Press

White to mate in three (Vallejo)
1. Ne6
e.g.  1...Nd5 2. Qe5+ Nxe5 3. Nd6#


Anonymous said...

> 1. Ne6
> e.g. 1...Nd5 2. Qe5+ Nxe5 3. Ne6#

Simpler is 1. Ne6 Nd5 2. Qg6#
But what about 1. Ne6 Kf5 2. ???

Chess Manitoba said...

your Qg6 solution has the Q passing through the knight on e6.

Chess Manitoba said...
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Chess Manitoba said...

1. Ne6 Kf5
2.Ng7+ Ke4
3. Ng5# work ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. And sorry for my silly Qg6 mistake.