Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 1 - The Flights and Arrival in Malaga

The flights to Malaga were uneventful, but I recall two interesting moments.  One, as we settled in our seats, I noticed that my twenty-something seatmate had a copy of Schachnovelle in the original German by Stefan Zweig.  Before we could chat he found a more comfortable seat on the unfilled Air France plane, and I didn't see him in Gibraltar, so it was just one of those coincidences.
By the way, the service on the flight was great.  And, I normally don't watch movies on planes, but I did watch 'Antman' on this flight.

The next leg was Paris - Malaga on Air Europa.  I thought I had missed a boarding call or two, when I realized that long queue beside me was for my flight. Apparently they don't board by row (same scenario on the return flight), and with virtually everybody toting carry-on luggage, boarding is inefficient to say the least.

I had checked my baggage from Winnipeg to Malaga.  When the carousel stopped running in Malaga, a few of us were sans bags, We inquired at the baggage claim where we were informed that if our baggage originated outside the EU, it would arrive at a different carousel (out of sight, behind a set of doors).

Retrieving the bags, the next step was to find the A line Airport Express bus that would take to my stop on Alemeda Principal for 3 Euros, quite near Hotel Trebol which I had booked for the two nights.

I found the hotel, but not before inadvertently exploring many of the streets near my destination, It seems that I had overestimated the distance to the hotel, and my cell phone had run out of juice,

I selected the Hotel Trebol largely based on the reviews on Tripadvisor, and price (less than $ 60 CDN). The room was suitable for me (it have may have a bit tight for two), and I found the location to be excellent for exploring the old town attractions.

It was after 3 already, so I decided the rest of the day (Friday) would be devoted to exploring some museums close by and turning in early.

I  viewed the artists' posters exhibit at the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

And just a few steps from the Hotel, I had a half chicken from Pollos St. Juan.

The skin was the crispiest, tastiest I can recall having, Served with papitas fritas and grilled peppers.
 The special includes a canned drink for .7 Euro extra. Canned drinks include beer!

After wandering the streets, I bought some provisions and prepared for Saturday.

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