Saturday, April 20, 2019

2019 Canadian Closed

We will be following the progress of 2018 Manitoba Champion Isaac Wiebe, and former Winnipegger Kevin Gentes.

In Round 1, Isaac lost to Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (FIDE 2262), Gentes drew with CM Kevin Zhong.
In Round 2, Isaac defeated Hughes Masse (FIDE 2163), Kevin lost to Victor Plotkin.
In Round 3, Isaac lost to GM Bareev, Kevin defeated William Li (FIDE 2096).
In Round 4, Isaac lost to CM Max Chen (FIDE 2070)., Kevin lost to Qiyu Zhou (FIDE 2246).
In Round 5, Isaac drew with WFM Svitlana Demchenko) FIDE 2135), Kevin may have forfeited.
In Round 6, Isaac lost to William Li (FIDE 2096), Kevin has withdrawn.
In Round 7, Isaac defeated Jean Desforges (FIDE 2235).
In Round 8, Isaac defeated CM Dorian Kang (FIDE 2035).
In Round 9, Isaac lost to Ananda Saha (FIDE 2073)

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