Sunday, July 27, 2008

July TNT Round 3

Swift - Van Wyk 0-1
An interesting battle until White falters with 24. Nd4 when Bxf6 was required.

Rutter- Kernetsky 1-0
Myron uncharacteristically blunders into a fork.

Lauritson - Arie Wasserman 1-0
White exploits Black's opening. 10...b5 was required with chances to survive.

Mundwiler - Aaron Green DRAW
Another interesting battle. I was curious about a couple of moves that Black rejected.
20...f4 is strong but perhaps double-edged, but 22...Qe5+ is strong and obvious.(and again on move 23)

Letain - Bince 0-1
7. de5 would have blunted Black's black squared bishop for some time.
12. g3 was preferable to Ke2. 20. a4 allows White to defend. 21. Nxb5 loses immediately,Qxb5 does not lead to immediate doom.

Charter- Trueman 1-0
Black loses a pawn with 17...Nb8, and another soon after.

Goodman - Sauddin 1-0
Black should have played 18 or 19... Qh3. 19...d3 provides White with some counterplay which he eventually converts.

Klokow - Wiebe 1-0
21...d5 leads to White's winning 22.Nh5 as the N on f6 is now pinned against the Q on b6.

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