Saturday, August 9, 2008

August TNT Round 1

Aaron Green - Babb 0-1
White must have surprised to learn that 18. Ne1 loses a pawn.

Nikouline - Goodman 1-0
A short burst of tactics earns White the point

Ari Wasserman - Mundwiler 0-1
12. Bxh6 would have been interesting.
27.g4 blunders a rook in a roughly equal position.

Kernetsky - Evans 1-0
White's Bxa6 was executable as soon as move 20.
White didn't play the nice deflection move 31. Rxc7; he had a big advantage already

Letain - Bince 0-1

White has a big advantage by move 13, but let's it slip away with 24.Nxd7.
Preferred was 24.Qd2 and with the threat of Na6 winning material. The last mistake was 29.Ra6. The struggle continues after Rd1

Oberton - Leor Wasserman 1-0
Pawn races on both wings. Black plays 31...Rxf3 one move too late.

Pang - Khedkar 0-1
White loses a pawn early, fights back, but loses to a tactic.

Rutter - Mandusic 1-0
Black is cramped, but not in immediate trouble until 16...Nfd7, leaving his bishop without an escape square.

Lorne Gibbons - Czypinski 0-1
White was doing fine until he took his king on a strange walk.

Daniel Wiebe - Kyle Vincent 1-0
The power of the pin.

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