Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August TNT Round 4

Mundwiler - Nikouline 0-1
Alex indicated on that he was lucky.
Yes, he was. White missed 28. Qxh5 winning a full rook.
In the game White could have played 32. Rxg4 fxg4 33. Rxe1 and is fine.
After the queens come off, Black starts winning pawns.

Greenberg - Rutter 0-1
Black offers a sacrifice with 28...Nxf4, but White declines. It must have been a difficult decision. White lost on time soon after he obtained equality.

Babb - Jim Green 1-0
White wins the h pawn and converts the ending.

Kernetsky - Aaron Green DRAW
The players were content to shuffle pieces.

Khedkar - Bince 1-0
Black miscalculates after 29.Ba3, when ...b6 is fine, or as he played but
with 30...Ne3 first, before Rxd1, to not lose the knight.

Evans - Woods 0-1
It goes for wrong White after 26.Bf3 and Black carefully converts.

Leah Green - Leor Wasserman 0-1

Swift - Pang 1-0
31...Bh4 would have won the exchange. Black loses a piece a few moves later, but fights back to obtain drawing chances. His last misstep appears to be 51...Kd7; ke7 may hold the draw.

Kyle Vincent - Mandusic 1-0
Black was doing fine until 15...Qd7. (15...Na5 followed by c6 is preferred.)
However, after 16.c4 Black had 16... Nxd4 with a resultant long forcing sequence where Black wins a pawn. And Black could have played 17...Nxd4 with a similar sequence, but it does not gain a pawn.

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