Friday, October 31, 2008

October TNT Round 1

Swift - Bince 0-1
Black saddles White with two sets of doubled pawns. And a bad bishop.
I had a sense that White missed something while chasing the knight on the queenside, but I couldn't find anything. Well perhaps White should forget about the queenside and play to use the forward f pawn as a lever. Also key is playing a4 before Black can get it in. 34.Bxd5 probably dooms White.

Daase-Lauritson 0-1
White should have played 14. e5 with a playable game.

A. Green - Gibson 1-0
Black obtains counterplay and had the mysterious 30...Bd1! available- for example after a 'nothing move' such as 31. h4 - the point is apparent - 31...Rd2+ 32. Bxd2 Qxd2+ 33.Kb1 Bxb3 and Black wins. Incredible ! So 31. Rxd1 is forced with play for both sides.

Mandusic - Jim Green 0-1
Black wins a piece when the tactics get sharp. White had several chance to exchange knight for bishop on e6, but ultimately got his knight on d4 pinned against his queen.

Wierda - L. Gibbons 1-0
Black resigns prematurely in a slightly worse position.

Leah Green - Evans 0-1
Black plays the shot 8...Nxe4 which should be diffused by the simple 9. Nxe4 or 9. de4 and White is better. Instead, Black wins a pawn which he converts in the endgame.

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