Friday, October 31, 2008

September TNT Round 5

Yes, I am far behind - but I hope to catch up within the next two weeks

Van Wyk - Bince 1-0
Black allows 10. e5 and gets a miserable position. A small point, just because there is no puzzle this week, 24. Qxh6+ is a mate in 3.

Khedkar - Rutter 1-0
Black should play 9...g6 and he is fine. And 11..exf5. Even with the game lines he is ok if he plays 13...h6 instead of the piece-losing 13...Be6.

Kernetsky - Greenberg 1-0
Black gets impatient and plays 27...Nxe3, which isn't critical, but leaves the exchange hanging on the next move.

Liu - Pang 1-0
Black to protect his a-pawn played 17...a5, but he can protect it indirectly with 17...Ne4.
The c6 pawn falls, and soon the game.

Milord - Kong 0-1
I think White should have retained his black squared bishop with 22.Bg3.
31. Bxf5 is interesting, with complications.
White tries the sacrifice 34. Ne4 , but it is insufficient.

D. Wiebe - Trueman 1-0
Black equalizes when White doesn't play 10. e6. Black later blunders a bishop.

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