Thursday, November 6, 2008

October TNT Round 3

Lauritson - Bince 0-1
This game is worth looking at.
Black sacrifices the exchange, but eventally gets 2 pawns for it.
White tries to hang on with 41. Bc2 (Bxd5 lead to perpetual check by Black).
52. Rf8 would have given him some chances (if Ke7, then Rh8). Also, 55. a5 looks good keeping Black out of b6.

Kernetsky-Prince 1-0
24...f5 spells the end.

Aaron Green -Evans DRAW
I am not sure why Black wouldn't play this out unless he was in time trouble. 54...Kc3 may also be a winning try, but it requires precise calculation.

Daase - Mandusic 1-0

Leah Green - Gibson 1-0

Wierda - Ott 1-0
White exploited his opponent's weak pawn structure.

Swift - Jim Green 0-1
Again, not sure White resigned so early, he has some faint hope after something like 36.Rxh3 Qxc1 37.Rxc1 Rxb2 38.Rb3 Raa2 39.Rxb2 Rxb2 40.c4 Bf4 41.Rd1 bxc4 42. Bxc4

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