Wednesday, December 31, 2008

35 Years ago...

some future blogger won a chess tournament. How time flies !

From the Winnipeg Free Press, December 31, 1973

I was quite fortunate that the best player that year, Jeff Babb, was upset by Chris Cooley sometime in a middle round. Thus I didn't have to play Jeff, and I beat Cooley in the 8th and final round. I scored 6.5 -1.5 (3 draws) and if I recall correctly I won the trophy on tiebreak over Cooley and Babb. I also seem to recall there were over 80 players, but I may be wrong.
If anybody knows - please leave a comment.
According to my recopied scoresheets there were 3 rounds on each of the 27th and 28th, 2 rounds on the 29th. The draws were with the still active John Remillard and Richard Lindsay, and J. Bradford.
I do remember Eric Jefferson giving me a ride from Tec Voc to the Free Press (which was on Carlton) for the photos.

Students, create your own future nostalgia February 19, 2009 !


Anonymous said...

very nice. also are there tnt's this year? i don't se them lited on the tournament calendar.

Chess Manitoba said...

thank you.
I will get details from Lorne on TNTs and publish theme.

Anonymous said...

Good Job!

Publish games scores if you still have them...