Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grand Prix - Round 3

Khedkar - Mundwiler 1-0
Black plays the rare 3...Ne7 and never gets coordinated for attack or defence.

Greenberg- Kong 0-1

Jim Green - Wierda 0-1
Looks like White lost on time three moves short of a draw of K vs. K, although just a few moves earlier he was lost if Black plays 71...h4

In the game, Black has just played 23...e5 with an obvious threat.
However, White can win material with 24. Rxc6 ! and if 24...e4 25. Rxd6.
White played 24. dxe5 with a roughly level game.

Aaron Green - Evans DRAW

Swift - Gibbons 1-0

Leor Wasserman - Letain 0-1
An idea for White to hold is 22. Rf3 (to cover the N on c3) ...Nc4 23. b3 Na3 24, Rc1

Campbell - Repa 0-1
White misses a few good chances - 26. c5 is very good when Black has to play accurately to survive.

Mandusic -Ott 0-1
White had the old French defence tactic available - 17.Nxd4 but he would still be suffering positionally. White has to chop the strong knight with 19. Bxf4

Crawford - Pottinger 0-1
White blunders a bishop to a 'backwards' knight move. Instead 31. Ne2 was a good alternative and Black's knight has no moves.

Lauritson - Trueman 1-0
Good example of the benefits of a space advantage.

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