Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 2009 TNT Round 2

L. Mundwiler - J. Green, 0-1
White emerged from the early manoeuvring with a tremendous initiative.
(Instead of 32. Bh5 - 32. Rxf7 ! would have been a nice shot to win an important pawn.)

However, he was reluctant to take on f7 later - 36. Bxf7 + again wins a least a pawn, as 32...Kxf7
33. Bh4+ Qxf5 34. Rxf5+ Kg6 35. Rxf8. Instead 36. Bc3 loses a piece, and the rest is easy for Black.

A. Green - M. Kernetsky, draw
Are White's kingside pawns an asset or liability ? We'll never know.

K. Czarny - D. Wiebe, 0-1
Incomplete game score. after the 20 moves we have it is clear that the white king is in big trouble.

G. Campbell - R. Swift, 1-0
Black goes wrong with 22...Bg6;...Bd7 is preferable keeping an eye on c6 and c8. After the game move, Black is just lost, and White mops up effectively. Note that White could have played 24. Rxb5, but the line he selected is at least as good, as he keeps his doubled rooks.

J. Lauritson - B. Evans, 1-0
Black drifts early with the unforced 7...Bxc3, and loses a critical pawn on move 14.

F. Trueman - K. Einarson, 0-1
White's f4 idea leaves his e-pawn indefensible

S. Lipic - R. Ott, 1-0
Black gets creative with the sacrifice 24...Nde5 ?. Black misses a chance to continue the game with 30...Nf2, when the game is quite unclear.

B. Rutter - L. Gibbons, 1-0
Black manouvres his blacksquared bishop from the kingside, where it belongs, to b6, with disastrous results.

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