Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few Costales games

I have unearthed a few of Servillano's games - more can be found in some of the larger databases readily available.

The first two are from game sheets I found on the weekend; I thought I had played him back in the day - it turns out I played him twice in the early 80s. He came to Canada in 1977 - I am not sure if he played in CFC tourneys before 1980.

Fast forward 10 years to 1991 - In the September 1991 Exclam ! Rory Curtis reports for round 4 of the Winnipeg Open, "Once again Gentes' flag hung precariously at the first time control in his confrontation with the hitherto undefeated Costales. Although Gentes eventually won that encounter, he was gracious enough to point out that either 25...Nxf2 or 27...Qxh3+ would have given Costales a win."

In his last year of rated play, 2004, Costales was still a formidable opponent; he defeated Kaptsan in the August Active (no game score available) and at age 90 he beat Lauritson in a fine effort at the Yanofsky Memorial.

Scroll below the board below to select one of the 4 games.

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Anonymous said...

A nice tribute to real gentleman.Well done