Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 2009 TNT Round 4

Boron - Mundwiler 0-1
I counted on 17. f4 to give me an advantage, but I missed that Black can 'step around' the pawn with 17...Bf5. I should then play 18. Bf3, but instead continued with an inferior plan of pushing on the kingside. 25.Rf4 is not the right idea - 25. Bf3 is probably the way to procede. 28. Rxc8 is the final big error; 28.Rb1 would allow White to grovel for a bit, but it is quite lost. Congrats to Les for another first place tie.

Kaptsan- Einarsson 1-0
Black is close to equality if he steps away from a couple of pins with 27...Kh8.
He doesn't, and a few moves later he loses the exchange.

Khedkar - Kernetsky DRAW
I thought White would take control of the c-file with 33.Qc1. Earlier, I thought White was on the verge of winning, but good defence by Black held.

Lauritson - Babb 1-0
Black is doing well until 13...Nd7, which does not solve the problem of the pin on the d-file. White wins 2 pawns, and easily converts to a win.

Aaron Green - Arie Wasserman DRAW
31. Rf1 looks like it wins a rook. Somewhere around move 66, White finally has a decisive advantage, but he must have been a bit shocked when he realized that 70. Rxc5 only draws.

Leah Green - Greenberg DRAW
I was walking by the board while Black was contemplating his 21st move. I thought at the time that 21...Rxe1+ 22.Kxe1 Qg5 23. Qe3 Qxg2 was just winning, and the engines confirm it.
In the game, Black can go into the rook endgame a pawn up with 28...Qxb5.

Rutter-Trinidad 1-0
Black loses his center top a pin on the queen.
There was a nice mate in three available. Since there is no Cecil puzzle this weekend, this will fill in.

White to mate in 3

Jim Green - Evans 0-1
White traps his own queen.

Lipic-Magnusson 1-0
23...Rd6 was required to avoid the loss of a piece.

Campbell-Wierda 0-1
26. Qxb5 would have been roughly equal.

Swift-Levesque 1-0
Black's unusual manouevre with the rook (to c5) eventually results in the loss of the exchange.

Milord - Kumaragamage 1-0
Black leaves his king in peril; White finds the decisive blows.

Gibbons-Ott 0-1
19. fxe5 may have been decisive for White. At end the end, White is losing but I think it too early to resign.


Unknown said...

In Lipic - Magnusson, 18...Nb3! was a good try for equality. After 23...Rd6, Black is still inferior because the e-pawn will fall and his center is weak. The strongest Black lines from that point on are not human in design and consequently Black's position teeters on the edge of the abyss.

An example is 23...Rd6 24. Rxe5 Ng4 25. Rd1 Nxe5 26. Rxd3 when White is a pawn and the weak Black King-side should be a tactical quagmire for any Black defensive ambitions.

Chess Manitoba said...

Yes,18...Nb3 is interesting.

Yes, White is still better after 23...Rd6, but Rd6 is the only move to prolong the game.