Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 2009 TNT Round 1

Lipic - Lipnowski 0-1
White's opening play puts no pressure on Black who infiltrates the weak squares and wins the exchange.

Nikouline - Campbell 1-0
It's all over after Black loses the e6 pawn.

Letain - Kaptsan 0-1
White loses his h-pawn to a double attack, and decides to take his chances in a pawn down rook endgame.

Schulz - Milord 1-0
White has the postionl under control throughout.

Leor Wasserman - Mundwiler 0-1
White gains the advantage after 23...Bh6, but soon loses his way with misplaced pieces on the h-file.

Boron - Trueman 1-0
The game is likely equal if 23...Nxf5, instead the d6 pawn is left en prise, and the rest is relatively easy.

Ott-Kernetsky 0-1
Somehow White missed 17. Qxd5 winning a piece. Instead he lost one pawn and was left with many other weak ones.

Lauritson - Menard 1-0
White played the complicated 20. Rxd5, when he had 20. dxe7 which is better and simpler. He was still winning but after the game move, Black has some counterplay potential.
White later misses a mate in one with 37. Qh8#, and again on the next move !! It was almost disastrous as he later played the unnecessary 45. Kh2 ?? as 45. g3 wins easily. Black returns the favour by missing the only move 46...h5 to prevent mate, which in turn would have set up a mate in 8 for him !! Wild.

Rutter - Czypinski 0-1
White rejects a draw by repetition, and instead gambles with 26. Qxb7.
36. Rg2 is an interesting try, but it should lead to a draw with best play also.
Black eventually outplays his opponent in the ending.

Jim Green - Dawa DRAW
Jim must have been disappointed to only draw. 32. f5 with the idea f6 with virtually a forced win. The way White played it is fine too, as it netted him a rook, but allowed some perpetual check possibilities that White couldn't solve in time trouble. 45. Qg2 looks like a solution.

Tayo-Jones - Arie Wasserman 0-1

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